Peter Chen Chinese Medicine Sydney

Don’t tell me what’s wrong with you, I will find out and explain to you with common sense.

When I look at the full picture of the entire system, I can understand the relationships between every system and the problem or symptoms and find out the real cause or root, this will help to find the best ways to cure both the symptoms and causes. this is Logical Medicine.

I am able to find out the cause and symptoms of your problem just following the signs that show in your pupils, skin, tongue etc, because they are all related to your entire system, this is even more accurate than any medical check up in most chronic disease due to it not just seeing the picture or counting the number like a blood test , it also can tell the functioning of the organs, blood cell and immune system. certainly it can combine and explain the medical test results too.  I am able to explain the details to you with common sense.

New breakthrough Logical Medicine is a medical science that works to improve the health of your whole body in order to overcome disease and medical problems.

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Logical Medicine is able to look at the full picture and understand the underlying cause, so I can explain how the causes and symptoms all relate. It can explain why you are suffering this medical problem but others are not, and why your symptoms might differ to others, why we can improve or overcome these medical problem.

When we are able to understand the whole picture of your problem and the underlying cause, we can find the best natural treatment to improve or cure your medical problem or disease and explain to you “why” and “how” it happens, and treat these health problems with common sense. It will make sense to you and work.

I am able to find out the real causes and problems without asking you any questions and I also can explain the reasons and details of your health problem and disease with common sense. Once you understand your body, I can help you improve your health condition to remove both the causes and symptoms of illness, and prevent health risks.

How can this be done? Logical Medicine considers your entire system as a company that works together – your brain (central nervous system) is working as a CEO to manage your systems and organs, which are working together as the different departments of a company. When I see you, I am able to logically deduce your health problems, most symptoms and the real causes according to the changes of your skin, tongue, your eyes and pupils and your pulse. I can find out the health conditions of all your organs, your blood quality and immune system to determine what course of treatment is best for you.

The best treatment should be natural to improve the overall health of your body and organs to get rid of both the cause and symptoms of the disease, without any harmful side-effects.

Any treatments that can only control the symptoms temporarily but has side effects can worsen your health and cause addiction. These drugs may make your body or organs become lazy and lose their own natural function, which may benefit the pharmaceutical companies but will not truly improve your health.

If you don’t know what’s wrong with your computer, how can you repair it ?

We have to understand the real cause and full picture of the disease to guide us to improve your health condition or overcome your disease.

I am able to uses basic medical knowledge and common sense to explain the real underlying cause of your problem and help you to understand why and how these diseases arise….

When a medical practitioner can fully understand the real cause of your health problems, they should be able to tell you the problem and the real cause of your medical problem without asking you any questions.

Logical Medicine will make sense to you. My methods are accurate and have been proved by over 22 years of clinical practice.

I can break medical limits and follow your individual health condition to find effective ways of improving your health to improve or solve your health problems. This is the best solution for any illness, particularly chronic conditions.

The treatment is effective, natural and safe.

It treats both the symptoms and the causes of disease and can overcome many severe diseases and medical problems.

The best therapy is to improve your own health to cure the diseases.

It is certainly worth it for you come to see me from far away or even from overseas.

If you suffer a medical problem or disease that both Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine (or Traditional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine) cannot understand, you need to come to see me.

Many patients come to see me from the different states of Australia and overseas. They are very satisfied with their results.

  • Logical Medicine. Sydney Acupuncture / Acupressure 
  • Electric acupuncture with deep herbal massage without needles.
  • Sydney Natural therapy for pregnant and pregnancy Centre.
  • Naturopathy TCM for pregnancy and healthy baby.
  • Sydney acupuncture IVF support pregnancy.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine TCM prevent miscarriage support natural pregnant centre.
  • Sydney Naturopathic Medicine. Holistic Naturopath & Naturopathy.
  • Sydney Iridology. Chinese Medicine. Natural Herbal Medicine.
  • Sydney Reflexology. Energy Healing. Sydney Physiotherapy.
  • Best Natural Fertility Therapy for infertility. IVF Support, Natural herbal medicine support IVF. TCM. Herbal Medicine Support. IVF Preparation. Women’s disease, Endometriosis, No period, severe period pain, irregular bleeding. Preventing miscarriage. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Best Alternative Medicine and Treatments for Cancers. Natural therapy for all kind of cancers. Only when you understand the real cause and full picture of cancer, you are able to use the best therapy to treat cancer.
  • Best therapy for Severe Depression, Anxiety. Panic attack. Severe Migraine and headache, Cluster Headaches. Sleep disorder. Sleep apnea. Insomnia. Alzheimer’s disease. Natural way to quit smoking (without using drugs ).
  • Weight Loss Therapy for overweight and obesity. Special healthy diets to lose weight.
  • Remedial Massage Therapy. Herbal Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.
  • Skin Disease. Severe Acne, Severe eczema, Psoriasis.
  • Sport Injuries, Arthritis & pain Therapy.
  • Counselling. Colon cleaning. Colon irrigation. Liver cleaning therapy. Cupping. Holistic Doctor
  • Ear needles therapy. QI Gong. Osetopathy therapy. Exercise Physiology. Homoeopathy. Feng Shui.
  • Dietitian. Nutrition. Lymphatic Cleaning Therapy. Iridology to find diseases and medical problem.

If you have any questions about any diseases, please feel free to call me or make an appointment to see me. I will explain to you with common sense and it will make sense to you. In only one consultation, you can understand the real cause of your problem or disease.