Peter Chen Chinese Medicine Sydney

Don’t tell me what’s wrong with you, I will find out and explain to you with common sense.

Why and how I am able to find out the cause of the health problem and explain to you with common sense?  This is similar to a builder check a building is good quality or not, this builder also will check the quality of the building material and the factory’s equipment that produce  this building materials, so this builder will know why this building is good quality or poor quality.

It’s the same principle as the builder to check the building quality, when I examine you, I will notice how is the health condition of you, when I look at your eyes (irridology) and your tongue map, I will understand the health condition of your internal organs and the functioning(similar to Yin and Yang of Kidney), because every system are  functioning together and related to each others, so I am able to understand the cause of the health problem, this is simple but it’s true and make sense!

I will find out the causes and problems without asking you any questions and explain why and how to you, we can find the better way to help your problems,  it will make sense to you, you can ask any question about it.

We need to understand the real cause and full picture of the health condition to guide us to find the better ways to improve your health or overcome your health problem.

I use the basic medical knowledge and common sense to explain the why and how to you.

Logical Medicine will make sense to you. My methods are accurate and have been proved by over 26 years of clinical practice in Sydney.


  • Logical Medicine. Sydney Acupuncture / Acupressure 
  • Electric acupuncture with deep herbal massage without needles.
  • Sydney Natural therapy for pregnancy.
  • Naturopathy TCM for pregnancy and healthy baby.
  • Sydney acupuncture IVF support pregnancy.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine TCM prevent miscarriage support natural pregnant centre.
  • Sydney Naturopathic Medicine. Holistic Naturopath & Naturopathy.
  • Sydney Iridology. Chinese Medicine. Natural Herbal Medicine.
  • Sydney Reflexology. Energy Healing. Sydney Physiotherapy.
  • Natural Therapy for infertility. IVF Support, Natural herbal medicine support IVF. TCM. Herbal Medicine Support. IVF Preparation. Women’s disease, Endometriosis, No period, severe period pain, irregular bleeding. Preventing miscarriage. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Alternative Medicine and Treatments to support Cancer patients.
  • Natural therapy to improve Severe Depression, Anxiety. Panic attack. Severe Migraine and headache, Cluster Headaches. Sleep disorder. Sleep apnea. Insomnia. Alzheimer’s disease. Natural way to quit smoking (without using drugs ).
  • Weight Loss Therapy for overweight and obesity. Special healthy diets to lose weight.
  • Remedial Massage Therapy. Herbal Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.
  • Skin Disease. Severe Acne, Severe eczema, Psoriasis.
  • Sport Injuries, Arthritis & pain Therapy.
  • Counselling. Colon cleaning. Colon irrigation. Liver cleaning therapy. Cupping. Holistic Doctor
  • Ear needles therapy. QI Gong. Osetopathy therapy. Exercise Physiology. Homoeopathy. Feng Shui.
  • Dietitian. Nutrition. Lymphatic Cleaning Therapy. Iridology to find diseases and medical problem.

If you have any questions about any diseases, please feel free to call me or make an appointment to see me. I will explain to you with common sense and it will make sense to you. In only one consultation, you can understand the real cause of your problem or disease.